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Welcome to TheLysts

It doesn't matter if your new to the stories surrounding the D'ni Civilization, or are well versed in D'ni History. The Lysters Welcome you!

Here you'll find two email forums to discuss all aspects of the D'ni Universe that the great people at CyanWorlds have created for us through the years.

The Lysts are made up of two mailing lists. "The Lyst" & "The Spoilers Lyst." The Lyst is a forum for "General Discussions", and The Spoilers Lysts is for those that might wish to discuss, "Puzzles from any of the Games", "Easter Eggs" hidden within the Games, and other "Spoilers" that will arise as the New Games become available.

So make yourself at home. And always feel free to join in on the many interesting conversations, with Lysters like you, from all points around the Globe.

Shorah & Welcome!
James Carpenter: (Aka- Aquila)

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